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When you have created you video of your challenge or competition entry - you share it. Your mates and your mum and your sweet old nan will accept your challenge or vote for your competition video. When it comes to competitions, if your video gets enough votes it goes on the shortlist and you’re on your way.

Do I need to make my entry video in the 8secondz apps? arrow

Nope, you can import a video file from your camera roll.

Can I get help making my video? arrow

Come on! You’re a self starter, you don’t need help.

How often do the challenges run? arrow

You can challenge someone when ever you want - get cracking!

How often do the competitions run? arrow

New comps come up all the time, watch this space.

What can I win? arrow

What can't you win?

Will this work on my Nokia? arrow

Are you a time traveller from 1996?

Is there an age limit? arrow

You must be older than 13 and younger than infinity.